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StarDrive Review


Graphics & Performance:

Since the graphics quality for the entire game is well represented by screenshots, you can just look at these to decide if they are good enough for you. They are good enough for me, though I do also believe that a 4X games does not need graphics that will melt the best computers out there. What matters is performance and this game performs quite well, even at high game-time multipliers, when everything is accelerated to save real-time. There was an issue with late-game performance during the beta, but since a day before release, I have not experienced this.


Extra Screenshots & Video:
















After a game ends, you are taken to a screen to view how the game progressed.

  1. Introduction
  2. Race Selection/Creation & Colonization
  3. Diplomacy & Espionage
  4. Economy & Research
  5. Ships, Fleets, & War
  6. Aggravations, Bugs, & Criticisms
  7. Graphics & Extra Screenshots
  8. Conclusion
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