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Starcraft II Beta Performance Preview



The thing that got me started down this long slippery slope was a game. A real time strategy game called Command and Conquer. This type of game I found more appealing then the traditional shooter because I had to think instead of just shoot my way out of a situation over and over. The original Starcraft was another game of this genre that was enough to keep my evenings tied up for some time. Judging by the sales numbers of the original, it kept quite a few others engaged as well. Now fast forward and we have Starcraft II Wings of Liberty ready to launch. This game has been eagerly anticipated as the followup to Blizzard's RTS hit Starcraft. You can find all the information you want about this game online but what you can't find is how some of today's hardware performs in this game. That's something that we are here to do by taking a look at the performance delivered by seven of the latest DirectX 11 video cards in this game. Follow on and see how they do so you to can choose the best video card solution for your current or future gaming rig. Lets see how they do.







You can play through the game as one of three distinct species, The Protoss, Zerg and Terrans who are exiles from the planet earth. The gameplay screens look much like any number of real time strategy games but each of course have their own look. Below are screen shots from each of the races as the buildup process is under way. You will have to learn to leverage the strengths of each race to overcome the other.



Finding out what the best card to run this latest installment of Starcraft is what this article is all about. Next up, some results.

  1. Introduction
  2. Testing: Setup and Results
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