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Star Control: Origins Review



Is Star Control: Origins a game to get you travelling the stars? In its current form, I would say yes, but you should know what to expect. I do feel it needs some changes to achieve the potential it presented to me, but even in the state I experienced, it is still enjoyable. The fact that you may be able to play it on a modern laptop (at least more modern and powerful than mine) is also intriguing as this could be a good game to take with you for when you have time to kill. Just be mindful that it can hit that 'just one more time' button.

The graphics are good and the performance is also pretty good, though some areas can stress the system, at least at maximum settings. Perhaps with optimization patches and Vulkan API support this will change, but until they come, it is impossible for me to say what is possible. The story did not leave me particularly well impressed, but the characters of the species I found enjoyable, and the use of distinct fonts I appreciate. The gameplay can definitely be fun but there are weaknesses I hope will be addressed in time to really let the game shine as I think it can.









  1. Star Control: Origins Review - Introduction
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  3. Star Control: Origins Review - Story
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