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Star Control: Origins Review

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Resurrecting a franchise that began in 1990, Star Control: Origins is a space-based action-adventure game from Stardock that sets you on a mission to protect humanity with its first interstellar spaceship. Your introduction to the galaxy's many species is abrupt, but your presence quickly becomes necessary for fighting back the evil forces that threaten all life. You will need to explore star systems and make friends and allies if you wish to survive. Personally, I like the space-fish for combat, but the sentient bioweapon is more interesting to talk to.

Having not played the original games in the series, I do not know if the sense of humor present in Star Control: Origins is tradition or something new, but I will admit right now I enjoyed it. Considering all that is at stake, and the challenge many fights can be, it can be a nice interruption to discover a species so prone to accidents that the buddy system just doubles their casualty rates. On the bright side, you do get to meet their living god, Jeff, who is pretty cool.

Back to a more technical introduction, Star Control: Origins is built on the Nitrous Engine, which may sound familiar to you, if you are familiar with Ashes of the Singularity, the first game to launch with DirectX 12 support, and then later the first to support both DX12 and Vulkan, another low-level graphics API. Unfortunately the pre-release version of Star Control: Origins I was given access to (the review key was provided) only supported DirectX 11, but on the bright side this means I was able to capture video, including the entire review playthrough, for anyone interested in that. (It will be embedded at the end of the Gameplay page.) I should mention that I, again, failed to always control my language when things got frustrating. My apologies.

How about we get to the review now?

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