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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist Review



Ignoring the stability issues I have been having, this game is definitely fun and intense, if you have the temperament for it. The game is built around stealth, not combat, so you should not be surprised when only a few bullets take you down after making a mistake. If you have the patience though, I can recommend this game to you. It is well designed and implemented, though there are still some points that could use some extra polish. Also the graphics are almost uniformly impressive. I cannot recall the last game I played that launched on PC and console and looked so good on the PC. Often you can spot some poorer graphics as a result of designing for the less-graphically-capable consoles.

Remembering the stability issues just makes me hope some better drivers will be released before long, so I can jump back in and finish saving the world. Whether you want to wait that long or try your luck now is up to you.







  1. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Introduction
  2. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Graphics
  3. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Story
  4. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Gameplay
  5. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Additional Gameplay Images
  6. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Conclusion
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