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soundscience Halo Bias Lighting Review



In the end, the bias lighting kit did light up the wall behind my monitor – even at greater distances when used as a home theater monitor. If nothing else, the light provided a new ambiance to my games and movies. The added light may or may not have reduced eye fatigue or improved how long I could game, but the glowing effect somehow made me feel good about sitting at my computer late into the night.

The cost of the bias lighting kit is on the lower end. It’s a fun product to try out for only $12.95 MSRP if you have an available USB port on your case or hub. The lighting seems natural and is not a distraction like a desk lamp or overhead light. People often pay a lot more than $12.95 for case lighting that doesn’t even do anything besides appear fancy. This product both reduces eye strain and looks good doing it.

The only two major flaws I found arise from the design perspective, perhaps something that will change in later generations: 1) length of the cable and 2) cable orientation. Unfortunately both issues come down to a problem with the cable itself. Since the cord is about 2 feet shorter than your average monitor cable, count on purchasing a USB extender or a USB hub for your desk unless your case is nearby. The second concern is that the cable comes straight out from the end of the strip, causing it to protrude from the side of your monitor. My computer is close enough that I can bend the cable downwards to avoid having it stick out the side, but I foresee the less-than-sturdy joint being a potential failure point.

Overall I’d say it’s a strange concept but a fairly decent one at that. I wouldn’t jump to buy it, but it would be a nice gift for the tech junkie who already has everything.



  • Easy to install
  • LED lights don’t get hot or appear "yellow"
  • Not very expensive; practical for a gift



  • Cable protrudes from the side of the monitor
  • Cable doesn't easily reach case USB port; may require hub or extender
  • Adhesive intended for one-time use only


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look Continued & Installation
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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