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Sorcerer King Review



Does the Sorcerer King need to be smacked down, or is this one time we can let the villain enjoy his victory? In my opinion, this is definitely a game worth playing, if you are ready for it. I find Sorcerer King to be very fun and enjoyable, so I intend to continue playing it for some time, but I enjoy 4X games. To that end, I recommend this to other 4X gamers, and those who enjoy turn-based strategy games. It has some novel twists that make it stand out from others of the genre, but experience with the genre is part of what makes it fun, to see how things are different.

For other gamers, I am not sure how much it will appeal to you. Without experience with the genre, its genre-bending features and design may not be as enjoyable to you. It is still a fun and good game, but one I feel you should be prepared for. Even I felt that way as I started with an Easy game, instead of Normal. If you think you're ready or can pick it up with an Easy game, as I did, dive in and have fun!

The graphics are what should be expected of the genre and the story is interesting and amusing, keeping the game fun. The gameplay, spread across those multiple sections, is good, but there are a number of ways I feel it could be improved, largely concerning how the player controls the game. (In too many places do you have to jump between menus.)

I have only played two games in Sorcerer King thus far, with the first taking six hours and 25 minutes, which is far longer than predicted in the manual, but I was trying to learn everything. I finished the second game after seven hours and four minutes, which is again longer than predicted, but I could have ended it much sooner. I just kept exploring and expanding until I was content with my control over the world.






Add onto all of this the modding capability for the game, which includes a map editor. With this you can create your fields of battle, instead of playing on random maps or those others made. I have not done much with these tools, besides opening up and looking at them, as I am not much of modder.

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  6. Sorcerer King Review - Conclusion
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