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Sorcerer King Review

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Today we are looking at Sorcerer King, a 4X game with some interesting twists to the genre. The main twist is that you are playing after you lost the war of a more traditional game. The Sorcerer King successfully conquered the world, broke many armies and cities, and only left a handful of stragglers alive, including you. His resources are greater than yours and you are almost nothing to his current power. If left unchecked, his power will become even greater as he seeks the energy of the Shards to make himself a god. Find a way to stop him before he destroys the world.

Unlike any other game I have reviewed, Sorcerer King is an early access title, and so it is almost feature complete before its full release. The main thing it is missing prior to release is the campaign, but being a 4X title, chances are most people will just play in the sandbox mode with pre-made or random maps. This is what I did before sitting down to write this, twice, first on a small map on the easy difficulty, to learn the game, and then again on a medium map at normal difficulty.

Normally I would mention the ESRB or similar rating here, but the game does not have one (at least at the moment it does not). My guess would be that it is around an E10, so for everyone ten years old and up. There is a little blood, as attacks can cause brief spurts of it to appear where the attack was, but there are no dripping battlefields. Likewise there is mild violence, but nothing serious, like many other 4X games. The humor can be juvenile at times, such as asking to see a dwarf-lord's parents and constantly referring to swamp giants as 'wet ones,' but I cannot recall any being questionable.

Because of how different 4X games, and many other strategy games are from those genres I have most reviewed, this review is going to have a different format. Graphics and story I am going to combine into a single section, and gameplay is going to take up more than one page. With that addressed, time to see if the Sorcerer King is in desperate need of defeat, or if that particular villain can be left alone.

  1. Sorcerer King Review - Introduction
  2. Sorcerer King Review - Graphics & Story
  3. Sorcerer King Review - Spells, Armies & Combat
  4. Sorcerer King Review - Items, Crafting & Expansion
  5. Sorcerer King Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  6. Sorcerer King Review - Conclusion
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