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Songbringer Review



At the end of the day, Songbringer is fun, but at the same time it is not an easy recommendation for me to make. I want to recommend it, but I feel like it needs to be with the warning that the most enjoyment will either come from repeated playthroughs to learn everything you need to know, or by researching the same information on the Internet. The latter is not ideal and the former could be appealing for some. If it is not appealing to you, then this might not be the game for you.

The graphics and performance are good and what you would expect of an 8-bit stylized game. The story could be tighter and stronger, as you can be led to places by the story only to have nothing to do, or at least no idea what to do. The gameplay is fun but mixed, with some enemies and bosses being very difficult without clear strategies to defeat or just requiring face-pressing and button-mashing to deal with, hoping your health lasts longer than your adversary.







  1. Songbringer Review - Introduction
  2. Songbringer Review - Graphics
  3. Songbringer Review - Story
  4. Songbringer Review - Gameplay
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