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Songbringer Review



I cannot say story is a strength for Songbringer because I do not quite follow everything that is going on. You will encounter a number of ruins around the map that are labelled as points of interest, but I have no idea what you are supposed to do with them, if anything. A lot of points of interest are like this where I just have no idea what their purpose is, which is annoying when the NPC trying to direct you on this heroic path leads to them. Here, look at this, but have no idea why or what to do.

The story is that humanity began on this planet and had to fight a great war against the Snakes, a species that will take over host bodies to do what they wish. Eventually humanity was able to develop the technology to escape the harsh world and stop the Snakes, but the war is not over as both sides, decimated as they are, still exist and are now being awakened. The human side is in a weaker position.

Not a bad story, but not particularly impressive either as some of the twists are predictable. The main issue for me is that I do not know what exactly is going on because of what I said above; you find things that one would think are important but lack anyway to interact with them, at least when you find them. Perhaps later on you will have the ability to do something with them, but then I am not sure if you would think to return.





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