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Songbringer Review

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I'm on sort of a roll here as this is the third game I am reviewing in a little more than a week (and I have one more to do, and maybe a surprise or two) and, thankfully, they are all substantially different from each other. This time we have Songbringer, an action RPG featuring a non-linear, procedurally generated world with multiple dungeons, items, and power ups to find throughout the map. It has been developed by the one-man team of Wizard Fu. The game accepts six-letters for the seed to generate the world from, and the first I used was REVIEW and the second was OVERCC.

In Songbringer you play as Roq after waking from being struck by lightning on the planet Ekzerra. Shortly after this you find a sword and naturally take it, unleashing an ancient evil with designs to conquer the universe. Oops. In case you were curious, Songbringer is the name of your ship and you will be returning to it during the course of the game, for a level and for combining items.

Time to get to the review!





  1. Songbringer Review - Introduction
  2. Songbringer Review - Graphics
  3. Songbringer Review - Story
  4. Songbringer Review - Gameplay
  5. Songbringer Review - Additonal Gameplay Screenshots
  6. Songbringer Review - Conclusion
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