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Sleeping Dogs 2-Years Later Review


Nightmare in North Point Review:

Some day we may see an article written about the 'zombie' period of gaming when so many games were about or included zombies in one way or another. This DLC would be how Sleeping Dogs brings them in, though technically they may not be zombies as bites do not spread the condition. These are just the undead come back to kill you take over the city.

Prior to the events of Sleeping Dogs, a gang member was killed and now he has returned from the dead to exact revenge with an undead army. The army does include some people you may remember, having killed them during the main game. Now you get a chance to send them back to Hell as you fight to stop the undead from taking the city.









I can think of no better way to describe this DLC than as a Halloween DLC. It relies on clichés, but is still a lot of fun and also funny. Sure there is an undead invasion going on, but you have an old friend back as a ghost to talk to. Maybe it is because he is a ghost, but he does not seem too concerned about the events, though he is willing to help you.

The DLC is accessed outside of the main game and you do not have access to anything you have unlocked there. Once you complete it though, which took me about 1 hour and 24 minutes, you do get a hat for the base game.

Personally I found it to be a lot of fun and very well designed. I was able to go from mission to mission quickly and save the world quite efficiently. Really it was a lot of fun and definitely a DLC worth playing if you can.


Year of the Snake Review:

This DLC takes place after the base game when you have returned to being a police officer. Due to the property damage and general slaughter that surrounded your undercover work, you are just another officer on a beat, and not too pleased about it. When a cult appears though, with the belief that the world will end at midnight with the Chinese New Year, you have to stop them.

On its own that idea does sound like it could be fun as you run around to stop cultists and remove bomb threats, as well as fulfilling your police duties. I found the DLC to not be all that fun, however. Missions are spread across the city, so it can take a while to get from one to the other, and I often felt like just a cop. Part of why I like playing games is that I get to feel like an action hero, and for the base game and other DLC campaign, I do feel like an action hero. Here I feel, at best, like I am just a cop that is more experienced than most. I could as easily have been a different cop though, without affecting the story or gameplay.


Still, it was not a bad campaign for the 2 hours and 2 minutes it lasted me. It just was not that much fun, so play it if you have it, but do not necessarily go out of your way for it.

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