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Sleeping Dogs 2-Years Later Review



As Sleeping Dogs follows the story of an undercover cop, you would expect a number of plot twists and turns and a great helping of intrigue. While there definitely are a number of twists, the intrigue was somewhat lacking for me. As a player I was wondering about what was actually happening beyond what I could see, but this was always superficial for me. It was never really tapped within the game, or at least not as much as I would have preferred.

The characters are handled very well though. I did feel an attachment to many of them, so even the death of a gang member was regrettable if they were a friend in the game. Of course if they were a pile of scum it felt good to feed them to an ice chipper or let an angry gang mother exact revenge. (Of every NPC in the game, she is the one you most want as your friend.) One issue with some of the characters is that I would forget who some were. Wei would be saddened by their death and I would be trying to remember who they were. At least this is only an issue for some of the side characters, and not the primary actors in the story.



I guess I should also discuss the plot of the story, and not just some of what is in it. Wei Shen is an undercover cop who is infiltrating the Sun On Yee by connecting with people he knew in Hong Kong before moving to the US. From these old friendship and Wei's impressive skills, he quickly rises in the gang, to the displeasure of his handler, Raymond. Raymond is very by-the-books, so when Wei crosses lines as part of being undercover, he worries and even threatens to terminate the operation. Wei's determination keeps it going though.

As you can expect of any large criminal organization, there are forces within it trying to obtain power, and you act to both preserve and disrupt the current hierarchy. Basically you fight against elements of corruption to maintain stability, but when that involves removing a leader, things do get shaken up. One part of the gang story that is odd is the involvement of the rival gang, the 18K. Based on how they are described, they are a serious threat to the Sun On Yee and demand a focused effort to combat; however you next to never encounter them in a serious fashion. Sure you may fight some goons on the ground, but mostly the gang leader you fight is within the Sun On Yee itself. It is almost like they exist for no reason, but to provide enemies that are not police and not Sun On Yee to fight.

The romances available to Wei Shen have an odd treatment in the story. I believe I remember there being four and each one just starts, lasts a couple missions, and then vanishes. Maybe I am just too use to the more committed and involved relationships of other games, but it was weird to just drop these women so quickly. There are rewards for completing these missions though, as collectibles are revealed on the map.

For more information about the characters you encounter, you are able to pull up reports on your phone as you unlock them. Honestly I did not look at these reports much, but they are there for those that are interested.

The story of Sleeping Dogs serves its purpose of providing motivation to play, but for me at least, it does it in an odd way. I wanted to keep playing more for the friendships with the characters in the game and avenging those that had been killed. Yes, I did also want to see how the story ended, but it was the characters that really did it for me. Overall I would put the story between decent and good, which is not a great position, but it is not that bad either.

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