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Sleeping Dogs 2-Years Later Review

Price: $19.99-$29.99


Have you ever wanted to infiltrate an organized criminal organization feared around the world? If you have, then we may have a game for you, and if you have not, keep reading anyway, because you may still like it. Sleeping Dogs is a two-year-old, open world action game set in Hong Kong and has you playing as Wei Shen. Wei was born in Hong Kong and did some growing up there, but his family moved to the United States. Eventually he became a San Francisco police officer, but now, thanks to his childhood friendship with gang members, he has returned to Hong Kong for some undercover work.

As you can expect, there are a number of twists to the story that strain Wei's allegiances. He may be a cop, but sometimes his friends in the Sun On Yee need him. Exactly how his friends need him can vary quite a bit between the campaign and side missions. Sometimes he has to assist in a theft and other times he has to drive the getaway car because the other gang member does not know how. There are also some romance possibilities, should you choose to follow them.

Of course the Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is releasing soon, with all DLC included and some engine updates that will better populate the world and provide some better graphics. I own all of the DLC already, so my experience should be effectively identical in many ways.

Sleeping Dogs has an M rating from the ESRB for strong language, use of drugs, blood and gore, intense violence, and sexual content. As none of the media is censored in this review, if such content is inappropriate for you, chances are this review is also inappropriate.

With that covered we can get to the question at hand of if we should return to Hong Kong or let the Triad gangs fight it out, uninterrupted? Read on to find out.



  1. Sleeping Dogs Review - Introduction
  2. Sleeping Dogs Review - Graphics
  3. Sleeping Dogs Review - Story
  4. Sleeping Dogs Review - Gameplay
  5. Sleeping Dogs Review - DLC Campaigns
  6. Sleeping Dogs Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  7. Sleeping Dogs Review - Conclusion
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