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Sky Hawk Aluminum Case review

Price: $99.95


Aluminum cases are so much more lighter than metal cases, you can easily see why they have became so popular. There seems to be more and more aluminum cases showing up on the market today. Everyone knows about the famous Lian Li aluminum cases, and only a few people know about the aluminum Sky Hawk cases. My first "Full tower" case was a Sky Hawk, and ever since then, I have been fonded of Sky Hawk cases. The case I am reviewing today is the all aluminum AL4377D-SL sky hawk. This model includes the front redirect ports such as, dual usb, audio ports, game port, volume control, and a firewire connection.


  • Form Factor ATX Dimensions 17" X 8" X 18"
  • Weight in lbs. 13
  • 5.25" bays : 4
  • External 3.5" bays : 2
  • Internal 3.5" bays : 1
  • Expansion Slots : 7
  • CPU airflow tray included
  • Expansion card holders
  • Expansion slots tool-less, side panels tool-less.
  • Pentium IV Ready

    What's in the box?

    • The pretty case :)
    • Bag-of-screws
    • Lot's of cables for the redirect ports
    • 3 case fans
    • 300watt power supply

  • This is how the case came. I liked the little handle on top :) Inside of the box, the case was packed well and protected.

    The case

    This case looks very appealing on the outside. I can already see it with a modded window and a bright blue cold cathode light inside, can't you? :)

    Inside the case, there are no sharp edges. This is great because you won't get sliced and diced when working on your computer. My old Sky Hawk full tower had some very sharp edges. However, that was a long time ago. I am glad to see Sky Hawk has brought up their standards.

    Looking around in side you will see there are a lot of unique features. For example, see that PCB (printer circuit board)? That is the built in redirect ports. This device makes it easy for you to plug in your headphones, camera, joystick, dv cam, ect.. without having to reach around behind your computer. There is also a case fan above the PCB. This helps keep the heat out of your computer.

    You use the provided cable and connect it to the PCB.

    The other end of the wire already has the PCI slot built on it. All you do is put it in one of your PCI slots and screw it in, with one of the included thumbscrews.

    Then you connect the other provided wire in the back of your case. This is one thing I didn't really like. You have to screw this thing on. I would have rather liked to seen the thumbscrew type of screws that you find on printer cables.

    Lastly, once you have installed your motherboard, sound card, ect. You can connect all of the connectors to the approperate device.

    These interesting looking contraptions, help hold your PCI cards in place. This is great for the lan party goers, or if you move your case around a lot.

    In the back of case you will find two more case fans. One that is located above your cpu, and the other hangs down beside your cpu. This is a really awesome design. This should help drop your case temps and cpu temps a lot. The only problem I have found with this is, you have to unscrew and dismount the fan that is directly over your cpu, in order to put your heatsink on your CPU. That is a big downside. If you swap out CPU's or heatsinks regularly, then this may be a big problem. Then again, it's just two screws.

    They did try, to make the motherboard more accessible. You can take out one screw, and the middle metal bar that runs up and down the center of the case that holds one case fan, and the pci holders, easily moves out of your way. This is because the bar is mounted on a hinge. I thought this was a pretty cool feature, and I'm glad to see they included it. However, you still might have to take the back fan off, to get to your heatsink easier.

    Another nuisance, is the top panel of the case. In order to remove it, you also have to remove two screws in side of the case. These two screws help hold the hinged bar I was talking about. You really won't be removing the top panel much, if at all. However, I thought I would mention it.

    Xoxide.com has provided us this case with a 300Watt power supply. When you go to their site to order one of these cases, they give you the option to add a power supply or not.

    In the back case you will see that this case comes stocked with 6 thumbscrews, not to mention all the thumbscrews for your PCI cards :) I love thumb screws. This makes it so that you can get in your case without having to have a screwdriver. So you can get in and out of your computer faster. "Faster is better" :)


    It has it's perks, and it does have it's downsides, but overall I really liked the case. I never thought I would like a mid-tower again, since having a full-tower. With all of the features this one has, it makes it much easier to like it :) Sky Hawk has came a long way, since my old full tower that I had, and I commend them on their workmanship of this product.  

    I'd like to thank Xoxide.com for providing this product for us to review.

    • Aluminum
    • Front redirect ports
    • Three case fans
    • Lots of thumbscrews

    • Fan in way of heatsink installations
    • Top panel not easily accessible

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