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Silenx Ixtrema Review

Price: $49.99


Have you been looking for an upgrade to your cooling solution for your processor? Maybe your temperatures are higher than you want them to be, which is limiting your overclock? Maybe you are just looking for some of the latest and greatest technology to cool your processor when it comes to air cooling solutions. Well Silenx may just have the solution to all of your problems with its Ixtrema CPU Cooler. The Ixtrema CPU Cooler is part of Silenx's Pro Series CPU Coolers, which features support for a wide range of processors and is designed specifically for overclockers and gamers. I am very interested to see how the cooler does when it is put up to the test against some of the other coolers that are out on the market, so let's get to it and see what it looks like.  

Closer Look:  

Taking a look at the packaging for the Silenx Ixtrema CPU Cooler, you are able to see from the front a few of the features that Silenx has decided that consumers are going to need to know about the cooler before they purchase it, which include, at the bottom, that the Ixtrema Pro Series Heatpipe CPU Cooler is designed for gamers and overclockers, which is a good sign that Silenx has tested the cooler to make sure that it will keep the temperatures down. The Ixtrema CPU Cooler supports all Intel Socket 775 and AMD Socket 754/9xx/AM2 processors, which covers all of the most popular processors to overclock. Silenx claims that the cooler will do less than 18dBA in your case, which is a great sound level as you will barely be able to hear the cooler, allowing you to play your games without distraction. The back of the packaging is very simple and plain, telling you the specifications of the cooler and the compatibility list. There are more features that Silenx shows you with pictures on one of the sides of the packaging, including the direct contact heatpipes to the CPU's IHS, the fan's low noise, as well as the fifty-five fins that are included on the heatsink.  




The Silenx Ixtrema CPU Cooler is able to have two 120mm fans that can be installed on the cooler at the same time in a push-pull configuration, Silenx has sent me a second fan to install on the cooler for testing purposes. There are specifications of the fan on the back of the packaing, it is the exact same fan that is included with the heatsink; this looks like a winning pair.



The mounting hardware that is included with the Silenx Ixtrema is a little different than Intel Socket 775 users are used to seeing. It is a retention bracket that goes around the CPU socket, which reminds me of the AMD style of stock cooling solutions back in the day of the Socket 939 boards. This black piece of plastic has four pressure clips that go through the usual mounting holes in the motherboard and then you are able to install the heatsink. All of these pieces of mounting hardware are tucked away in the white box that is kept in the packaging. Also included in the box is a fan speed controller if you wish to adjust the speed of one fan. There are four pieces of thin paperclip like clips that are used to mount the two fans to the cooler.  


Now that we have taken a look at the Silenx Ixtrema CPU Cooler's packaging and seen what was packaged with it, it's time to take a detailed look at the actual cooler to see what we are going to be sticking on our processor.  

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  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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