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SilenX Effizio 80mm and 140mm Fan Review



Overall I was quite surprised with both of these SilenX fans. Expecting them to be focused solely on the audible sound levels, I did not foresee them to produce much airflow. However the design of these fans is well worth a look at. The silicone mounting is by no means a novel concept or even an addition, but just the change in installing a fan made it interesting and fun. I can really see how this would help reduce noise with either loose screws or simply stripped fan holes. After moving fans from case to case and build to build the threads tend to take a beating and have less of a firm grip. The silicone mounts are a nice flair to the whole set up and help reduce any vibration from the fans as well.

Bottom line, the 80mm really changed the temperatures in the home theater PC case. This will save on the thermal wear and tear over the years and perhaps get me a little more out of my machine. Maybe I will even push that OC up a bit again. The 140mm doesn’t make a huge change in a large airflow situation. Large fans by nature tend to be less noisy while still moving a lot of air. I will say I do like the vibrant color but beyond that I don’t see myself buying one over any other 140mm case fan. However, from what I’ve seen with the 80mm fan in small spaces, I’d love to see what one of these 140mm fans could do with a CPU cooler.


140mm Pros and Cons:


  • Keeps case equally as cool as stock fan
  • Quieter than stock fan


  • A little expensive for similar airflow (large fans are already pretty quiet)



80mm Pros and Cons


  • Great airflow
  • Works well in home theater situations
  • Fan throttles with temperatures and is still quiet under load


  • none yet
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