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SilenX 400 Watt Power Supply Unit Review



Today we have with us another exciting review product. Sure, its not flashy, it doesn't glow and it certainly does not make a lot of noise, but this SilenX 400W PSU has a lot to offer. When most of us Overclockers think 'power' we think 3 things - Higher, Faster, Louder. Well, this PSU is about to change the face of what we're looking for. Rated at 14 dBa or LESS, this PSU is the quietest one on the market, bar none. At 14 decibels, its not a matter of how much you need to ramp it down to hear it - its a matter of checking to see if its still on! But can something so quiet be efficient and useful? That's what we're looking to find out!

Company Profile
Well, lets kick it off with the company mission statement (in picture form!) and the description of this product.

SilenX power supplies are simply the quietest active cooled power supplies on the planet! With a true <14 dBA noise level from 1m, it will blow away any other so-called "silent" power supply on the market today. Zalman? Nexus? Seasonic? There's no comparison. Under load, the difference gets even wider! Thanks to some innovative technologies, SilenX power supplies can not only run quieter than other power supplies out there, but do so with higher efficiency, greater reliability and better stability. All SilenX power supplies feature heat-hardened components designed to run in intense thermal environments and come standard with one of the most efficient fans on the market today. The unique fan blade design along with its high-tech hybrid immersion bearings and silicone composite fan vibration dampening system makes this the only power supply on the market truly aimed for the silencing professional. Used by major recording studios, acoustic laboratories and corporate computing ! environments, these power supplies are not for those looking for a cheap power supply...this is the real deal.


Input: 115/230V @ 50/60 Hz
Output: 400W
3.3V - 30.0A
5.0V - 40.0A
12.0V - 18.0A
<5% Load Regulation
<1% Line Regulation
Efficiency: 75% under load
Over Voltage Protection: 3.3V/4V 5V/6V 12V/14V
Over Power Protection: 105%~150% of max load

All SilenX power supplies come with 1 year warranty and include a power cord for the US/Canada market.


  • High Quality Construction
  • Extremely Low Noise <14 dBA Fan
  • Advanced power load based fan control circuitry
  • 400 Watt Output
  • Meets ATX 2.03 Specs
  • UL, CE, FCC Compliant
  • AMD Supported
  • P4 Supported
  • 100K Hours @ 25C MTBF
  • 80mm Hypro Bearing Exhaust Fan
  • Short-Circuit Protection on Outputs

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. In-Depth Look
  3. Testing & Conclusion
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