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Coolink Silentator Heatpipe Cooler

Price: $54.35 USD


There is a slight change of plan today. You may have already noticed, but I don’t normally write reviews. The boss has let me off my leash and has entrusted me with reviewing the new Coolink Silentator. As the name suggests, this heatsink is designed to cool your system, but do so quietly.

The first thing that came to mind with this cooler, was that is has been designed with HTPC (Home Theatre PC) enthusiasts and general noise freaks in mind. By that, I mean those of us who are hell-bent on reducing system noise altogether.
It also struck me that because this is clearly marketed as a quiet cooler it might not be appropriate for overclockers. However, I’ll still give it a shot regardless.

Coolink is actually a brand of the Kolink International Corporation and aims to produce products that are no-frills, high performance, excellent quality and attractively priced. As the Coolink website states, Coolink is “the direct link to affordable high-end cooling!”

Kolink International Corporation is a cooling specialist established in 1996 and is apparently well known amongst industry insiders. Over the last eleven years, Kolink has manufactured and designed many top-performing heatsinks under various brand names, with success in international markets. Based in Taiwan, Kolink joins many other component manufacturers in the Asian region, but stress their efficient manufacturing processes and strict quality control standards. Kolink also produces SWiF (Silent Whisper Fans), hard disk drive coolers, chipset coolers, VGA coolers and other accessories, including anti-vibration bolts. It was only in 2005 when Kolink branched out to Europe, which is why many readers will not be familiar with the name.

Noctua, a familiar brand to many, apparently manufactures heatsinks in Coolink's factories, which would explain the resemblance of the Silentator to the NH-U12F form Noctua, just in case anyone was confused.


Closer Look:

Well, let’s look at the name of this product first. The Silentator. On the cheese scale, this hits Camembert in my opinion. It sounds a little menacing, but assertive too. It does, however, seem like someone had been watching the Terminator films shortly before naming this. Yet even while we snicker at the name, it does fit in quite well with the market trend for cheesy names on a wide variety of products.

The heatsink arrived in the trademark brown box that many reviewers are so familiar with. Upon opening, I wasn’t sure what to make of this interesting material used to cushion the heatsink box. I quickly decided that the webbed cardboard padding was actually a sensible idea for recycling and really worked quite well.



After admiring the padding a bit more, I eventually removed the Silentator box from the bigger box. The first thing I noticed was that the front showed only the heatsink itself, but no sign of the 120mm fan. The back showed some arty photos of the cooler and fan, but nothing of significance.


The left side of the box shows the key features of the Silentator, while the right side of the box shows detailed specifications and dimensions of the cooler. At 153mm tall, this is quite a big heatsink. Weighing in at 640g as well, it’s certainly not light either!



Opening the aesthetically pleasing, but not garish box, there is a plain cardboard surround encasing the Silentator. Tucked behind it was a white cardboard box of goodies.


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