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ShockWave SU-201 Review

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Pretty much everyone loves a decent pair of speakers. Whether you're listening to your music, a movie, or playing a video game, you typically want the best quality audio you can get, and if the set looks cool too, then so much the better. There are a lot of mainstream companies most people will be familiar with, but the set of speakers I have today come from a relatively unknown company in the U.S. of A. called ShockWave. They are based in Beijing and produce lots of speakers, but what they have sent me today are the SU-201's, a 2.0 (2 speakers, 0 subwoofers) set that is on the inexpensive side.


Closer Look:

The packaging that the SU-201's come in is fairly standard but not "child proof". It was great to not have to break out the scissors just to get to the product. There is no documentation included and only a cardboard cutout that gives the packaging some "flare". The majority of the text is in Chinese and there are no directions or features listed on the box.












The speakers themselves are rather small and white in color. They sit on clear plastic bases that are permanently attached. There is no indication of which speaker is left and which is right, which is a major oversight as games and movies can rely heavily on stereo audio being oriented correctly. On the back of one of the speakers is the volume control which is also a major oversight as every time I want to adjust the volume on the speakers, I have to pickup and turn the speaker around. There just isn't any better way to do it without it feeling awkward. However to minimize the impact of this the speakers can be turned up and the volume control on your notebook  can be used to increase or decrease the volume. Finally, the cord has both a USB and 1/4" TRS jack on it. Unfortunately, the USB is just for power, even though the front of the packaging would lead you to believe otherwise.


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