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Shattered Web Custom Applique Review

Price: 7.5


Today we are looking at two custom appliques from Shattered Web. The kit that I received included the two stickers, installation instructions and a blue credit card looking thing used to get the air bubbles out. This looks simple enough, lets take a closer look and see if it is!


The installation of the appliques is a very easy process. It took around five to ten minutes to install the appliques on my windows. You will only need a few common household items for the install. Those being some water, a solution of soap and water, and a towel. The next step is to decide where to put it. I chose to position mine on the window more toward the back. That way it was more in an open space. This applique is meant to be installed on the inside of the window and viewed from the out side, this gives it that etched look. Once you have selected a spot for it, you need to clean your window or what ever surface you will be installing it on. For this Shattered Web recommends a solution of soap and water. Also, stay away from any cleaners that are abrasive or contain ammonia.

After you have dried the surface and made sure it is soap free, spray a fine mist of water of the surface. They say it's to allow you to reposition the graphic if needed, which it does. Next, carefully remove the opaque white backing from the transfer backing. Making sure the sticker stays on the transfer backing. Just take it slow pulling the backing. If you find the sticker is coming off on the wrong side put that portion back together and give it a firm rub. Pull them apart again, this time it should be on the right side. Then apply the sticker to the desired surface. Using the blue credit card looking thing thats included, work out any air bubbles.

Any remaining air bubbles will be gone in a few days. Now it's time to remove the transfer backing. Just start at one corner and work your way across the sticker. There you have it!

That fancy! Now back on the computer.

Sorry about the flash reflection.

Lights out! These next pics are of the same graphic just in a silver and meant to be installed on the outside.

Same installation as above.

Back on the computer.

These are just the thing to add that custom look to your case. Shattered Web did a great job on these appliques. They have a wide selection of graphics to chose from and they also do custom work. The turn around time was less than a week for these custom stickers. I recommend checking them out!

I'd like to thank ShatteredWeb for providing us this product to review!

  • Looks Great!!!
  • Very easy to install!
  • Fast turn around time for custom jobs!

  • None

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