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Sharkoon X-Tatic Digital Review



Setting up the Sharkoon X-Tatic digital is a fairly simple process, as the audio and power connections are pretty straightforward. The headphones connect to the SCU via the analog cable and the SCU connects to the PC via optical audio cable. Both the headphones and SCU require power, and use a single power cable. If you are connecting to an Xbox 360, then you also have to connect the 360 microphone connection, or if you are connecting to a PS3 then you also have to connect the USB cable.

Once everything is connected, you'll find yourself with a lot of cables sitting on your desk. Being that the headphones require their own power, you have two cables running to the headphones and while the headphones have just over 11’ (360cm) of cable, you have to have the SCU within four feet of the headphones, due to the length of the double power cable. This forces you to keep the SCU and all of the input and output cables no more than six feet away.



Configuring these headphones is also very straightforward. On the PC you go to the sound control panel, set your digital output to 5.1 speakers and you're all set. For the consoles, you simply switch their outputs to optical and/or 5.1 surround.

Adjustments to delay and adding processing like Dolby Pro Logic can also be made directly on the SCU.

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