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Sharkoon X-Tatic Digital Review


Closer Look:

The Sharkoon is a very sleek headset indeed - an all-black body with green and chrome accents. On the headphones you’ll find liberal use of the “Sharkoon” and “X-Tatic” logos. Each ear-piece has a black grill over them, giving them a very high-end headphone appearance. Each ear-piece has standard clicking length adjustment. The top of the headphones has a fake leather band that is very smooth and provides decent cushioning. On the inside rings of the ear-pieces, you have a felt-like fabric that is also very soft on your ears. Also, here you can see the mount for the microphone. The body of the headset is made of a high quality plastic and has an overall solid feel to it.

















From the inline controller, you can adjust the levels on the individual speakers, the overall volume and the microphone volume. Also here, are the microphone mute and the Xbox 360 microphone connection. The “Front”, “Rear”, “Center” and “Sub” buttons all light up. The color of each changes depending on what volume they are set at; red is the highest and green is the lowest. The headphone amplifier is contained within this unit.



The Sound Control Unit is the main difference between the X-Tatic and the X-Tatic digital. This unit acts as a sound processor supporting Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II and fine-tuned surround sound adjustments. On the front you have a power LED, Dolby Digital signal LED, Dolby Digital Pro Logic LED and a Dynamic Range Control LED. On the left side you have the 5.1 analog output for use with other 5.1 headphones. These ports provide line-level outputs and require headphones with an amplifier. On the bottom you have two outputs for X-Tatic headsets, which allows for two people to listen to movies or games together. On the right are the volume, delay, Pro Logic and dynamic range control buttons, along with the DC in for the unit. On top is the USB microphone connection for PS3 and the optical digital input.




Here are a few shots of the inline control and headphone LEDs.


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