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Shadow Warrior 2 Performance Analysis



All three of the GPUs I tested were able to handle the game very well, even at its Ultra settings. One technical exception is that the GTX 770 cannot handle the Ultra textures with its only 2 GB of VRAM. The Screen Space Reflections option is also worth disabling on the GTX 770 as it does take a lot to use, but it was not pushing the game into un-playable territory, leaving it at your discretion.

The other GPUs, being more powerful and having more VRAM at their disposal, were able to handle the Ultra settings in their entirety, including the Ultra textures and Screen Space Reflections. They even had enough power left over to turn the Resolution Scaling up to 140 for the GTX 980 and 165 for the GTX 1080.

The Multi-Res Shading option is only supported on Maxwell and newer GPUs, so the GTX 770 is excluded from that, but my tests on the GTX 980 did not show any real impact. In any case, the fact that the GTX 980 could handle resolution scaling above the default 100 indicates the option is not needed for it anyway. Since the GTX 770 was able to handle Ultra settings so well, I am not sure if the potential benefits of Multi-Res Shading would be needed there anyway.






  1. Shadow Warrior 2 Performance Analysis - Introduction and GTX 770
  2. Shadow Warrior 2 Performance Analysis - GTX 980 and GTX 1080
  3. Shadow Warrior 2 Performance Analysis - Conclusion
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