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CM Storm SF-19 Strike Force Review


Closer Look:

The way that the SF-19 Strike Force gets power is via a wall adapter. The wall adapter has an interesting design where the actual plugs that go in the wall can be switched. The only included adapter with the version I received was for North American outlets.


















The USB cable that I had included with the SF-19 was blue and about 2 feet long so it should be able to stretch to any USB port on your laptop. The cooler itself has a metallic mesh top and rubber around the top and bottom to help keep the laptop from sliding when it's sitting on the cooler.



The left side of the cooler has some controls that can be used to turn the LED lighting on and off, change the LED lighting and control the speed of the fans. On the right side is where the USB hub is, as well as where you plug in the power.



The bottom of the laptop cooler has a trap door design so that you can open it up and replace the 140mm fans with your own if you so desire. The two included fans are pretty good though, so unless they fail or you want something softer or something that will move more air, there isn't much reason to be opening this trap door up. Also, around the edge of the cooler, in the rubber parts, is a groove that can be used to tuck cables away.



My 15" MacBook Pro sits comfortably on the SF-19 and doesn't slide around. As you can see, the cooler can accommodate much larger laptops, so the claim it can fit up to 19" laptops stands up.


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