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CM Storm SF-19 Strike Force Review

Price: $89.99 USD


As more and more people switch to laptops as their primary (or only computer), more and more games are being played on them. Since laptop chassis are often cramped, heat can become a major issue whenever hardware is pushed to the limit, which is often the case in gaming. To combat this, you can't just add a new heatsink or get a new water cooling system for obvious reasons. But, you can get a laptop cooler which is a device that helps move air around the outside of the laptop chassis by allowing the laptop to sit at an angle and by providing positive airflow by means of fans. The CM Storm SF-19 Strike Force from Cooler Master is one of the newest laptop coolers and it looks very promising. With almost everything on it being customizable, as well as support for 19" laptops and a USB hub, it might make the perfect laptop cooler for gaming.

Closer Look:

The packaging that the SF-19 comes in is pretty unique in that it unfolds to show you the product. On the front of the box is a picture of the cooler, as well as a large text that lets you know that the USB hub is USB 3.0. The back of the box lists the specifications of the cooler.















Opening the top flap shows the features on the flap part and on the bottom part you can see the actual product through a small window.



Opening the final flap lets you pull the cooler out. Under the cooler is a pamphlet and the wires for USB and power. The included pamphlet shows you the instructions to swap out fans, if you so wish.


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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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