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Serious Statistics Review

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Vulkan – Thebes – Karnak:

Time to move over to the Thebes – Karnak data, the last set of runs on Vulkan, so here are the course graphs:

Unfortunately that first run had some extreme outliers, which is going to impact all of its graphs, but the other two runs were actually pretty well behaved.

Averages Frame Time (ms) Framerate (FPS)
Run 1 6.296649 158.8119
Run 2 6.292203 158.9269
Run 3 6.310806 158.4556

Pretty good averages there and here come the percentiles:

Percentiles 0.1% 1% 99% 99.9%
Run 1 4.343 ms (230.28 FPS) 4.668 ms (214.22 FPS) 10.656 ms (93.84 FPS) 13.353 ms (74.89 FPS)
Run 2 4.323 ms (231.32 FPS) 4.685 ms (213.45 FPS) 10.442 ms (95.76 FPS) 13.125 ms (76.19 FPS)
Run 3 4.241 ms (235.82 FPS) 4.579 ms (218.39 FPS) 11.078 ms (90.27 FPS) 12.675 ms (78.90 FPS)

Based on the table above we can see the game was dropping close to 60 FPS, but it was still very uncommon as this next table confirms.

  16.667 ms / 60 FPS
Run 1 0.04617290%
Run 2 0.00839155%
Run 3 0.004208046%

These tables may be the best confirmation yet for why percentiles are worth looking at, as the outliers in the first run are indeed outliers and not significantly throwing off the data, compared to the other two runs. They will still mess with the graph axes, but these numbers still look good.

Time for the difference data, and because we are using percentiles here, the outliers are not an issue.

Diff Percentiles 0.1% 1% 99% 99.9%
Run 1 -4.083365 ms -1.278000 ms 1.304100 ms 3.825840 ms
Run 2 -2.23700 ms -1.21935 ms 1.25000 ms 2.45876 ms
Run 3 -2.274162 ms -1.253740 ms 1.264740 ms 2.626740 ms

With all of that covered, we can get to the frequency plots.




Because of how framerates are placed on the x-axis, that graph is a bit easier to read than the frame time graph for that first run, so sometimes it is still useful to use that unit.

If it was not apparent before just how severe the most extreme outlier was in that first run, its display time graph should make it very obvious, just by looking at its x-axis.

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