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Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard Review


Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard Conclusion:

Overall, my review of the Sentey Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard may have had a bit of a sour taste to it from the get go. It's always difficult to not recall the previous products you've reviewed from a company that left not such pleasing results in your hand. The keyboard doesn't suffer simply from the Aphelion mouse alone, unfortunately, the Phoenix suffers all on its own. The last month of using this keyboard didn't teach my fingers to use its keys any better than on day one, and sadly, I was no more impressed with it than I was on day one; if anything, just more flustered.

Although I can name a few uses for this keyboard, typing isn't on that list. Nothing would make me happier at this point as I wrap up the review, still typing on its crap felt keys and disappointing layout in which I can't help but hit \ every time I want return, or visa versa, return when I want \. Despite my longer term use, my fingers still face-palm, especially when I mistype. Ask friends of mine who've lovingly (and angrily) put up with my constant \ at the end of every line of text. Ask the editors, who've removed some number of \ from this review and never want to see another \ again.

It's not just the annoying layout, I'm sure if you have this layout you're already a pro at using it – so that doesn't matter to you. Sadly it's the half completed software that fails to take this keyboard any further than your Dell keyboard on your desk. The macros are a pain to setup within the software (if you're lucky enough to get one setup). The macro buttons are awkward to get to and only get smaller and harder to find as you go down the keyboard. The keys feel like cheap plastic and the bonus orange keys make you feel like you are trying to get calluses on your fingers rather than just segregating your gamer keys; though I will say, this makes them very easy to find.

The advertising leads you to think the blue on the top and bottom edges of the keyboard light up in a magnificent blue. If you look really close with all the lights off you can see a hint of it, but no it's not really there. The blue back-lighting on the rest of the keys is actually surprisingly even and clear despite everything else wrong here. The keyboard ultimately is a joke to my hands and for the $50 asking price, I'd rather burn through five generic builder series keyboards instead. This keyboard has no home on my desk and shouldn't on yours either. I'm happy to be done with the review, simply for the sake of never using it again. Fortunately, the carry bag will prevent me from picking up shattered keys in my driveway later; good thinking Sentey.



  • Blue back-lighting looks nice on the keys.
  • Basic typing functions do work – wrote this review ok.



  • Software hardly works – I was unable to set any macro keys to do anything properly.
  • Feels incredibly cheap, no better than your average Dell or Wally-world buy.
  • Key layout causes typo after typo and results in a lot of cursing at the \ key.
  • I want to break it every time I touch it.
  • Not worth punishing your worst enemies with its use.
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