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Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard Review


Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard Testing & Results:

The Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard was defiantly put through over a week of use and testing. During this time it was used it in everyday use, surfing the internet, ranting on forums and of course some gaming. As a mouse is personal to each and every individual so how it responds in these various tasks is important in different ways to everyone. This rather subjective review is best to provide you the feedback from use rather than assigning made up numbers trying to compare one mouse to another. It's pretty easy to distinguish the likes and dislikes of a mouse through words rather than leaving it to you to decide what a 7 or 8 really means. No guessing game – here's what I liked, and here's what I hated.

Testing Setup:


Everyday Use:

I argue this category every time I review a mouse or keyboard. It was a category I originally developed and hate today. In reality, any old mouse or keyboard should be able to handle day to day use – if it doesn't, it's not going to make it long into a review before you won't even read about it anymore. I will admit, there is still a bit of merit to this "Everyday Use" category after reviewing the Phoenix keyboard. The keyboard does indeed work well as an everyday keyboard, but in the most frustrating ways possible. The keys, as I've mentioned, feel cheap and are odd to type with. I found myself making several typos while writing chat messages to friends and emails to family. It wasn't the \ key and massive right return key that caused my dismay, but rather just the overall sad feel of the keyboard. I really just don't want to use it anymore.



Grumpy cat says "NO". This keyboard just isn't for work unless you're familiar with the layout already. Even a month later my hands aren't happy to make the extra jump for the right pinky keys. The keys being soft with no confirmation of pressing them leaves you mistyping a bunch and frustrated with the general use of the keyboard. The number pad adds to the plus side of things by simply existing, but overall proves to be lackluster with the general feel of the keys. The keys are sloppy and while they don't feel like they are going to break, they also don't feel like they have a lot of life in them either. Although the layout was the most frustrating to me, I was more surprised by the number of words I miss-typed (and not just to my horrible spelling). I eventually just got used to being what felt like a "bad typer".

I had an incredibly difficult time getting what was on my mind into words in this review. There was a lot more effort in correcting spelling, replacing words that weren't even recognizable as words, and general retyping than even on late nights with a normal keyboard. It was rough. It wasn't worth going back to each word while typing, rather to just get used to the red zig-zags under every other word. Ultimately, even writing this review with the keyboard put me in a bad mood and left me walking away from it multiple times with the only means of coming back to it with the motivation of completing the review to never use it again.



Classifying this as a gaming keyboard by simply adding some extra orange caps in the box is cruel. If the macros were to function properly, they are awkward and hard to deal with at best. Their sizing gets smaller from M1 to M5 with M5 being much smaller than the tip of my pinky (I have small hands). The buttons also have no indicator bumps to give you an idea of where you are without looking at them. The orange caps were uncomfortable under my fingers and ultimately provided a sore feeling under my gaming stance as well. The caps have such a rough finish for helping you to find them that you almost start building calluses just from using them. So really, they look fun, but just forget the caps. The keyboard functions as a standard keyboard (mind the layout) and will of course work for gaming much like your laptop keyboard works for gaming. It can be done, but by no means is this really a "gaming" keyboard.

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  2. Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard: Closer Look (The Keyboard)
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  4. Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard: Specifications & Features
  5. Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard: Testing & Results
  6. Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard: Conclusion
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