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Sentey Burton Review

Price: $109.99


Flying in under my radar from South America is a company under the name of Sentey. I have never seen any of its products or even heard of the company. It seems that Sentey has a large presence in South America, as it has many press articles from countries such as Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and others. Sentey has products on its website that range from cases and power supplies to even video cards. However, the video cards listed are several generations old, such as the 9000 series and 200 series from NVIDIA. Case fans are also listed on the Sentey website. Sentey cases and other products are available at many well-known stores on the Internet, such as Newegg, Directron, and Amazon. A very wide range of cases are available, over 35 and counting, plus another 10 power supplies. I am somewhat surprised that such a seemingly prolific company has existed without me knowing about it at all, though some manufacturers keep its own news and presence in its country of residence.

On my review agenda for this article is the Sentey Burton, from Sentey's "Extreme Division." Sentey's Extreme Division includes the Burton as well as several other cases — Arvina, Optimus, Centinela, Renegade, and Vulcano. These cases are designed with the gamer in mind, providing large internal volume and great cooling power to be expected. Each of these cases have an average of five fans, which may not sound like a lot, but its their placement that makes them important. Having never seen this company, I don't know where to set my expectations, but I will say that the outlook is good, which is only a 5% chance of what my magic eight ball might say! The Sentey Burton is a large mid-tower that is available in black, blue, and red. The base color is always black, but the available colors are the accents on the case. This review will consist of a full evaluation of the Sentey Burton, including the unboxing, an up close look at its features, and extensive testing and comparison to other recent cases on the market.


Closer Look:

The Sentey Burton is packaged in a black box with the three available models pictured on the front, with the red model highlighted in the foreground. I thought that this was the color I was going to get, but it turned out otherwise. The right side of the box displays a lot of the components of the case, as well as certain features that the case offers. The rear of the box is mostly plain with the Sentey logo above where it says "Burton - Extreme Division". The left side of the case again shows the three different colors available and the general specifications of the series, such as its weight, materials, motherboard compatibility, I/O ports, and the available fans. The Burton contains a total of six included fans from the factory.







Sentey packaged the Burton like most other cases, but with one noticeable exception — no plastic wrapping was used on the case, but rather a black, papery fabric. This seems more environmentally friendly, though styrofoam is still used to secure the case in place. Nothing wrong with that, though. Packaged with the case is a toolbox, a 3.5" media CD (no information written on it), a user's manual, SATA power and signal extenders (I'll share the use for them on pages 2 and 3), and a cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth was a great idea from Sentey, as the high gloss paint job fingerprints very easily!



As seen below, I received the black model. It has a very sleek look, but not eye-popping colors that are more preference-oriented, which I like. I prefer this one the most over the other cases, as the colored mesh looks kind of cheap. It will be seen later in the review exactly how reflective the paint job on this case is, but it's already clear from the reflection of my "photo studio" surroundings in the side panel.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing & Setup
  6. Conclusion
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