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Sentey Aphelion Elite Gamer Series Mouse Review


Sentey Aphelion Elite Gamer Series Mouse Conclusion:

Overall, I've ultimately given you my conclusion of the mouse in the Closer Look pages, but it's good to take another moment and summarize it all again in one page (for you single page readers). Again, my biggest complaint throughout seemed to follow my initial impressions for the mouse, utter cheapness. The mouse proved itself to be more solid than it feels after being able to stand up to a few smashings, but the general "feel" of the mouse just wasn't there. It almost felt like a toy. It was overly light without weight options and simply felt hollow. I wasn't convinced with it and was saddened every time I sat down to use it. However, it is only $50, which is quite cheap for a mouse with extra buttons, and relatively good tracking/sensing. Unfortunately, the bribery of all the shwag with the mouse didn't persuade me to a different direction. A neat poster for the wall, some stickers, a cool carry case, and all the costs I would have rather had in the mouse itself. I wouldn't have had my feelings hurt if I didn't get the neat "extras" or the fancy box that had all those dollar signs sitting there end up in the mouse instead.

The software, while functional, was a bit of a joke to download. It looked like something in testing to ensure the drivers and software options were in place. I don't need something fancy and if things were skimped here to keep the price of the mouse down, power to Sentey, but I'm not impressed. The mouse performed relatively well. The excessively high DPI ratings went unused as I found them to track no better than lower DPI settings with increased Windows sensitivity. The off-centered sensor proved to not really effect the mouse accuracy as I found it to be on par with about any other mouse. In the end, I found nothing exceptional about the mouse itself, just rather what came in the box besides it. For $50 refrain from the poster and beer fridge stickers and find another palm sitter.



  • Cool little carry bag for on the go
  • Mouse functions as an average mouse – it WORKS!



  • Feels cheap – though I didn't manage to break it.
  • Software feels like it's still in alpha. It works, but isn't pretty.
  • Overly nice packaging and gimmick toys with the mouse makes you feel at a loss for what you paid for – it's not all in the mouse; that's for sure.


Maybe Next Time

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  5. Sentey Aphelion Elite Gamer Series Mouse: Testing & Results
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