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Sentey Aphelion Elite Gamer Series Mouse Review


Sentey Aphelion Elite Gamer Series Mouse Closer Look:

Finally, we've reached the mouse itself (if you didn't skip to here right away). It has, what is becoming a more common shape of style. To me, I always thought they looked like left handed mice, but oddly always seem to be so comfortable for us right hand users. The body is slightly bigger, but about on par with your average mouse on the market. Even if you have small hands like me, it's not too overly sized. The top is a matte finish that feels dry and doesn't make your hand sweat, this continues on the right of the mouse where your ring finger and pinky sit. The thumb rest as you will see is a nice big rubber pad for a solid grip. At first, i feel it as a sense of cheapness, but time should tell us more.

The bottom of the mouse is a little different than you might be accustomed to seeing. There are the usual skates on the bottom for pretty good glide (even on my metal pad), then there is the usual product sticker to remind you what you have as well as provide a S/N, just in case you need an RMA or what have you. But the oddness comes from probably the most common item on the bottom of any mouse, the sensor location. The sensor is a bit asymmetrical and sits off to the side nearest your thumb. Somehow I want this to affect how the mouse tracks, but in all honesty, I don't think it will. The sensor is even more so under my pointer finger, making it seem like it would be a little more precis, but again, another item for "time will tell".



The side profiles of the mouse always seem to tell a lot about a mouse. Often. the sides tell you how/where your thumb will sit, if there are any forward and back buttons, and how are my sweaty hands this summer going to handle this? I mention the sweaty hands as it's finally warming up here in New Mexico, at least for the weekend, and perhaps my hands feel a little bit sweaty. So for the rest of you with warming weather, I assume you can relate.

The right side of the mouse continues its sweep from the top of the mouse in texture, a rather matte, flat feeling material. It's a good "dry" material, so sweaty hands don't have to worry about it (it's really that glossy stuff you have to watch out for). There are two additional buttons on this side of the mouse, just to the right of where your right click might sit. I generally don't care for button placement in that area on any mouse and the same can be said for this mouse; I won't use them, but they are at least in an okay place to reach both of them without fumbling around too much. The left side of the mouse fits the near standard shape these days. There's a relatively deep grove for your thumb covered in an odd rubbery material. It has quite the tack in grip, despite the looks of it. There are two buttons (I call them the forward/backward buttons) and they are in an okay place. I have to comment here and say they may seem a little high compared to what you're used to, but they still work. I found myself often resting my thumb atop the buttons while web browsing rather than down where it belongs.



The back end of the mouse sports a Sentey logo on it in a shinier glossy black. It remains subtle in low light and doesn't over power the mouse. It still gets the branding out there without over doing it. The front of the mouse gives you a better view of the extra buttons on the right click, and shows you their little bumps so you can find them even blind. The mouse has a nice slope to it from high left to low right; unfortunately I found the overall height of the mouse to be a little too tall in my hand. The scroll wheel is on my list of non favorites with this mouse as it is rather cheap feeling (both in weight and textures) and a little noisy on the quick scroll. I did, however, like that the mouse cable was braided, keeping it from getting caught on some of the cables on my desk that aren't.



Below are the same images as above at just a slightly different angle giving you a little more perspective on the overall mouse. There is a DPI cycling button below the scroll wheel you may have missed in the previous pictures (as I didn't directly, or indirectly, point it out). The button allows you to cycle through four pre-set DPI values. The wheel (which you will see lit up later) lights up with respective colors to help you find where you want to be quickly. There are a couple of regions that have glossy plastic on the mouse, which are mostly a cause for sweaty hands or a little bit of tackiness in general use. Fortunately, you don't really touch these areas (left of the left click, and directly center beneath the scroll wheel), they seem to be more for aesthetics. Overall, it's not really a bad looking mouse. The feel is what gives itself away as being a bit cheap. It's not overly cheap feeling, but at first touch of the night, it makes you second guess what you've purchased for $50.




The cable, as I mentioned before, is braided. This is becoming more standard, so I no longer find it to be a true feature on a product. I just like to point out, yes it is braided, or no it's not. A nice Velcro wrap keeps it bundled nice for shipping and on the go. A shield is on the cable to prevent any interference you might get from the back of your motherboard, which is always nice to see. The USB plug comes covered with a rubber cap that you will likely lose, but I tend to never use them anyway.



In the end, my biggest complaints go out to the cheapness of the mouse. It is only $50 and I don't expect it to compete with the higher end mice, but I do expect solid durability of the mouse. I'll admit it feels cheap, but it has held up to me slamming it around quite a bit. I'm a bit of a rage player and will tend to smash mice and keyboards when things don't go my way. Unfortunately, something about the mouse just annoyed me every time I sat down to use it. It wasn't the shape of the mouse and it wasn't the button placement or sensitivity; it just didn't please my hand for what I felt I would have paid for. I sure got a lot of neat shwag with the mouse, the poster, the stickers, a neat carry bag, and such – but it wouldn't have hurt my feelings if the cost of those items ended up in the mouse itself instead.



One last shot to leave you with, a lit up scroll wheel. I will tell you, if you're not super tall, or don't sit high at your desk, you may never know this lights up. I'll admit it was a late epiphany on my part as I can't see it sitting here writing this review.


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