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Sentey Aphelion Elite Gamer Series Mouse Review

Price: $49.99

Sentey Aphelion Elite Gamer Series Mouse Introduction:

Sentey is a US based company with regional sales offices worldwide, selling high quality gaming cases, power supplies, and now peripheral devices to gamers and elite users all over the world. You may be more familiar with Sentey's power supplies and cases; the mice and keyboards recently brought to market haven't even found their way to Newegg yet. It seems more and more companies are coming to where the "quick" money is made in the peripheral market of mice, keyboards, mouse pads, and other less component type devices. Looking at the Sentey page, or perhaps on their Facebook page, there seems to be quite the range of priced products. Today, we will be looking at what appears to be the lower tier mouse, the Sentey Aphelion Elite. Don't take the phrase "lower tier" to be so negative; I refer to it as such as it is the most affordable mouse Sentey currently offers. In this case it is an affordable $49.99 gamer mouse with on the fly DPI and additional programmable buttons.

Sentey Aphelion Elite Gamer Series Mouse Closer Look:

I have to admit, the box section of the review is usually my least favorite to write up; it usually get left for last and ramblings of the box is this and the box is that. I'm actually kind of excited about this box despite all the money that is clearly in it and not in the mouse. I honestly can't stand fancy boxes and prefer a simple black box to some gimmick, but this one really grabs my attention. I don't see a mouse or even a product when I see this box, I see an interesting space game or movie cover on the box..Oh and what is that, a mouse on the box. The back of the box shows off the mouse, the 3400 DPI capability, comforting shape, extra buttons, and of course the carrying case it comes with. As much as I like the box, I have to stick to my standard of the fact that there seems to be a little too much money in the box – hopefully the mouse doesn't reflect that too much.



Opening it up, another box reveals itself; the plain simple black box I wanted. We could throw away the outer sleeve and have MY ideal box! However, this isn't all about me. This inner box is quite neat with a nice little ribbon to pull it open the magnetic closure. The flap is padded with foam on the inside, appearing much like sound proofing. The mouse is well protected by this as it isn't really held down in the box by any annoying ties or cables to cut.




It seemed like quite a big box for just a mouse, and quite fancy packaging at that. Well, it turns out there is a bit more to offer besides the mouse itself. It seems to be a mini box of shwag. I won't lie, I'm a sucker for shwag – I love going to all the booths at CES for a silly stuffed penguin, a fancy branded pen, and of course stickers for the beer fridge. I love T-shirts the most, but those are rare to come about (and sure as hell don't expect to get with a mouse or keyboard). I'm stuck on a fence on how I feel about the shwag included – can't decide if they are trying to buy me or if I’m just getting cool stuff. After digging around a little, it turns out that all their products come with it, so I'm going to just call this one a WIN.

You get quite a bit more than just a couple of Sentey stickers in this box o' shwag with your mouse. You get a reasonable sized poster for your wall, a door hanger to tell everyone you are gaming, a VIP card to register your product, and a nifty carry bag for your mouse all along with the driver CD and manual/warranty pack. I'll admit, I'm quite enjoying the extra stuff, but it only holds my attention away from the mouse for a little bit. The mouse is what we're really here to talk about and decide whether or not it's worthy for your hand and desk. Let us continue on, but of course, flip the door tag to let everyone know we're not gaming at the moment.



Before we move on to the mouse, let's take a quick look at the little carry bag that was included. It's a neoprene material, like a wet-suit or laptop sleeve, that stretches just enough. The shape is pretty pre-formed to the shape of the mouse itself, giving it quite the funny look empty. The zipper is a rubber flap reading "SENTEY" making it easy to locate and unzip/zip. Getting the mouse in there takes a little effort with it being so pre-formed; the cable and USB dongle don't really want to go in. A little shoving goes a long way and it zips up ready to go in a bag. I can't say how often I'll use it, as I usually don't travel with a wired mouse (and LAN parties are far and few between these days), but I like the idea nonetheless.





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