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Seagate Skyhawk 10TB Review


Seagate SkyHawk 10 TB Surveillance HDD Conclusion:

I think at this point it is clear that the Seagate SkyHawk is a force to be contended with. It's bigger, faster, and more durable than its predecessors, while at the same time using less power. Granted, this is no SSD, but for bulk storage it's hard to argue with over 200 MB/s of sustained bandwidth for reading and around 175 MB/s for writing. That's more than fast enough to saturate a typical inexpensive NAS box with gigabit Ethernet, even with non-ideal workloads! The low power consumption at just under seven watts on average also reduces the impact on system cooling and power costs. Coupled with a three-year warranty and a very low uncorrectable bit error rate, the SkyHawk is prepared to impress.

You'll now probably be asking... what's all this cost me? Amazingly, this 10 TB monster of a drive will set you back just barely over four cents per GB stored! That's right, for essentially $400, you can have 10 TB of reasonably fast and reliable storage for your DVR, surveillance system, NAS, or gaming rig. Even compared to its immediate predecessors, that's a step up in storage capacity per dollar. Compared to the rest of the market, there's nothing to compare. Equivalent capacity drives from other vendors will set you back 25% or more money per byte stored and when your drives are this large, that's a huge difference in end-cost!

So, if you have large storage needs, look no further. While this SkyHawk drive may not have been marketed as a cheap mass storage drive for many uses, it absolutely will fill that role with gusto.



  • 10 TB of storage!
  • Great read speeds for a HDD even in random IO
  • Low power usage for a 7200 RPM drive
  • Perfect for backup storage or surveillance



  • Slightly slower single-stream write speeds compared to reads
  • Even with faster speeds, recovering in a RAID array will take time


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