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Seagate Enterprise Capacity 8TB HDD Review


Seagate Enterprise Capacity 8TB HDD Conclusion:

Sporting 8TB of space in a 3.5-inch form-factor, Seagate's 8TB Enterprise capacity drive is far from short of capacity or performance. Designed for use over the long haul in data intensive applications, you get a drive that delivers excellent comparative performance. It was easily able to meet its design metrics across a wide series of tests. Rated to deliver 2.0 million hours as a MTBF, it is designed to run 24/7 with a failure rate of less than 0.5%. For the home user as well as the commercial professional, this adds up to some sense of security for your data. But that security has a cost associated with it of roughly $430 for 8TB of space. At just over five cents per gigabyte, that is still a value when you compare the cost to what 8TB in capacity would run you using flash drives.

Using drives of this caliber in a NAS would provide an instant upgrade to performance as well as driving NAS capacity significantly higher. As we all move our lives into the digital world, we have to have added capacity in our storage systems to compensate for the additional influx of data. The 8TB of capacity in a single drive  goes a long way towards managing the needs of the home user or professional. By shrinking the amount of drives needed to meet ones capacity needs, you reduce power consumption and the associated heat buildup with a volume of disks. If increasing your data storage capacity or shrinking the amount of hardware in your current storage solution is what you're after, Seagate has got the market covered with this latest iteration of the proven design.



  • 8TB of space
  • Performance
  • Enterprise reliability



  • Pricing
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