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Seagate Enterprise Capacity 8TB HDD Review


Seagate Enterprise Capacity 8TB HDD Testing:

HD Tune 5.0 Pro measures disk performance to make comparisons between drives or disk controllers. In the 4.60 Pro version, the user can measure not only drive performance as a whole, but also run more precise file and random access benchmarks as well.



File Benchmark:



SiSoft Sandra 2013: SiSoft Sandra is a diagnostic utility and synthetic bench marking program. It allows you to view your hardware at a higher level to be more helpful.

  • Physical Disks


Anvil Storage Utility: Anvil Storage Utility is a fully configurable tool that allows the user to test and validate the performance of the installed solid state drives, showing both bandwidth and IOPS results. The tool will output a read score and write score along with an aggregate score, much like we see with AS SSD. Not only do you get standard test routines, but a myriad of options when you dig into the tools capabilities. For our testing, we will run the default tests and report the results in chart form below for comparison.




ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.47: Atto Disk Benchmark is another aged, but good hard drive benchmark utility designed to test read and write speeds for different file sizes.




The drive performance delivered by the Seagate Enterprise capacity 8TB drive is either on par with or better than the spindle drive comparison field in just about every metric here. These spindle drives all feature perpendicular recording to the platters to improve performance. Rated to deliver a maximum transfer rate of 237MB/s, this 8TB drive hits that performance mark right on the nose in the ATTO testing.

  1. Seagate Enterprise Capacity 8TB HDD: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Seagate Enterprise Capacity 8TB HDD: Specification & Features, Testing Setup
  3. Seagate Enterprise Capacity 8TB HDD Testing: HD Tune, SiSoft Sandra, Anvil Storage Utility, ATTO 2.47
  4. Seagate Enterprise Capacity 8TB HDD Testing: CrystalDiskMark, AS SSD, PCMark 8, IOmeter
  5. Seagate Enterprise Capacity 8TB HDD: Conclusion
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