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ID-Cooling SE-204K Review

Price: $44.99

ID-Cooling SE-204K Introduction:

Ever heard of ID-Cooling? No? Well, don't feel bad, because ID-Cooling was officially announced during Computex 2013 in Taiwan, so that makes ID-Cooling a relative newcomer to the world of CPU cooling. Actually, the parent company, Shenzhen Wan Jing Hua Technology co. , Ltd of China, has been around for roughly ten years supplying OEM coolers. And now, ID-Cooling brings a line of CPU coolers, fans, and a couple of ITX cases to the game. No doubt that you can expect to see more from ID-Cooling in the future.

In the CPU cooling department, there are four series of coolers that pay homage to four northern European countries: the FI (Finland) series, which consists of four heavy duty single and dual tower coolers aimed at the high-end market, then there is the SE (Sweden), which is a notch below the FI and is the largest group of twelve coolers, and then there is the IS (Iceland) series, which includes seven low profile, horizontal coolers and finally the DK (Denmark) series, which consists of six OEM-style coolers. Today we have the SE-204K, so let's see how it looks.


ID-Cooling SE-204K Closer Look:

The packaging for the SE-204K starts off with black background, with the ID-Cooling logo and "Ideas To Make A Difference" catch phrase at the top left. A skewed 3/4 view of the cooler is shown against a yellow-orange background on the top panel. The black 120mm fan stands out with its four red isolators at the corners. In large text is "TDP 150W", below that is the model and "Gaming Theme & High Performance". So you know right away that the SE-204K a fair leap above OEM cooling.


The front panel has what appears to be a larger version of the top picture and the same text and graphics. At the bottom there are graphics that reference the features, such as 4mm x 8mm heatpipes and copper base, gaming look with black nickel plating, 120mm PWM fan, rubber isolators on the fan, and support for AMD and Intel installations. The rear panel has the specifications in eleven languages.



On the right side panel, there is the same text at the top showing the ID-Cooling logo, model and TDP rating. At the bottom there are five small (very small) graphics showing the features listed on the front, but here we also have a reference to the design for memory clearance. This is the only place on the box that mentions memory clearance. On the left panel, we have the list of socket compatibility, which includes all the AMD and Intel standards, although there is no mention of the 2011-v3. There are also some nice dimensional illustrations, however the text is so small that it is almost unreadable.



When you open the box, the first thing you see is the hardware box and instruction sheet that sit on top of the cooler. After you get that out of the way, there is a protective foam spacer on top of the cooler, which has cutouts that locate the heatpipe terminations. This keeps the cooler from moving around in the box. The fan is packed in its own box, separate from the cooler. In the bottom of the box are a couple of desicant packets for moisture control and a closed cell foam insert nest that protects the cooler base.



Now we can get everything out of the box and go through the hardware. There is of course the cooler and fan, fan clips (two sets), thermal paste, base plate, the installation brackets, and screws. The instruction sheet is single sided and easy to follow and covers the SE-203K and SE-204K. One thing I notice, is that the instruction sheet lists the TDP (Thermal Design Power) as 140W for the SE-204K while the box and website both show a TDP of 150W. The SE-203K lists the TDP as 130W on the instruction sheet and website (I don't have the box for that one) and I will assume that the 140W is likely a misprint.


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