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Scythe Shuriken Low Profile CPU Cooler Review

Price: $32.99


Have you been looking at replacing your stock heatsink for your computer? Is it because the stock one has not been able to effectively cool the processor, to what you need? Or maybe you are in the midst of building an HTPC and using a very short case and you need to find a low profile cooler? Well, Scythe may just have the answer for you with the release of their Shuriken 100mm Low Profile CPU cooler. The Scythe Shuriken Low Profile CPU cooler is a very short cooler that takes advantage of being able to be very versatile, by being able to be used on different CPU socket types. The cooler also takes advantage of tool-free installation. I am interested to see how the Scythe Shuriken Low Profile CPU cooler is going to be able to compare to some of the other coolers that are out there on the market. Let's take a look at what she looks like.  

Closer Look:  

The packaging for the Scythe Shuriken Low Profile CPU Cooler is a very busy package, as there is a lot of print all over it. The front of the packaging is where you will find the name of the unit, "Shuriken CPU Cooler", which is located at the bottom of the package. In the upper right hand corner is where Scythe decided to put all of the sockets that the cooler is compatible with, which include both AMD as well as Intel sockets making the Scythe Shuriken a very versatile cooler. along the top edge of the package is where you are able to see some of the major features that Scythe wanted the consumer to know about the Shuriken, such as PWM fan features, as well as the fact that the cooler stands only 64mm tall. in the lower right hand corner is where you are able to see that the cooler is quad core ready, meaning that it should cool a quad core at stock speeds and volts. When you take a look at the back of the package, you are able to see all of the major specifications in many different languages, as well as the warranty information. On the side of the Scythe Shuriken's package, you are able to see the different VTMS clips that allow the cooler to be mounted across many different CPU sockets. The other side goes in to explaining the four features across the top of the front of the package, PWM fan features, VTMS, low profile, as well as top-mount fan.  




When you pull everything out of the small package, you are able to enjoy your first glimpse at the cooler, which seems to look like it would be able to cool very well. Along with the cooler, inside the package you will find an installation guide, as well as a little white box. The installation guide will help explain how you need to install the VTMS clips (Versatile Tool-free Multiplatform System), allowing the cooler to be installed. These clips are what are hiding inside of the little white box that was included in the packaging, as well as a little plastic bag of thermal paste, just in case you don't have any laying around. The clips in the top left corner are the ones that are used for Socket 754, 939, 940, and AM2. The clips directly below them are the ones that are used for LGA 775, while the clips to the right are used for Socket 478.  



Now that we have seen what the packaging is and we have seen a glimpse of the cooler and how it connects to the motherboard, let's take a closer look at the Scythe Shuriken Low Profile CPU Cooler.  

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