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Scythe Ninja 2 Review


Closer Look:  

The Scythe Ninja 2 has a very distinctive design to it. All four sides are the same size and look exactly the same, which to me somewhat resembles a large skyscraper or tower. Not only are all of the fins on the cooler cut and shaped to look the same on all four sides, the base and the heatpipes are also designed this way. There are a total of three heatpipes on each side that run from the top of the cooler on one side, run through the base and extend through the top of the opposite side of the cooler, passing between all 26 of the fins. This gives the cooler a total of six heatpipes that have been forged in the design of the cooler. I am curious to see how effective this design is going to work, especially with a quad core that will be giving off quite a bit of heat. You can see at the base that Scythe has placed a small heatsink to help pull some more of the heat off of the base of the cooler and distribute it through the fins of the cooler.  









The next thing that I want to take a quick look at is the way that the cooler's 120mm fan is going to be installed. Scythe has taken the recently popular fan clip idea and used it with the Ninja 2. There are two clips with hooks on each end that go into the holes in the corners of the fan. These wrap around and go into the slit that is cut into the fins of the heatsink. This enables you to place it where ever your motherboard layout allows.




The last detail that I want to explore is the mounting hardware for the Intel LGA775 socket, as this is the socket used by my testing setup. The way that Scythe has setup their multi-platform design is quite simple. On the bottom of the cooler there are four small screw holes that you are able to screw one of the mounting brackets to and make it secure. I do want to mention that when you are installing the bracket, make sure you remove the protective film off of the cooler's base as it will prove to be difficult to do so after the mounting hardware has been screwed on.



Ok, so we know what it looks like, how its built and how we need to prep it for installation. What we still do not fully know is the specifications on the cooler. Let's fix that shall we?


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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