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iOne Scorpius N4 Mouse/Number Keypad Review

Price: ~$35 USD


At some point or another, everyone found laptop keyboards to be ridiculously small, lacking both a decent mouse and a number pad. Now comes iOne's Scorpius N4 with a full featured number keypad and a mouse. That's right, they combined it into some sort of a num-mouse! This seems like a very cool idea! It saves space and rescues you from the horrors of a small keyboard! Let's see what happens.

What about iOne? I've never heard of them up until a few days ago, but after doing some research, I found that they are a subsidiary of Itron Technologies, who has been producing computer input devices since 1984. The company sells its products all over the world at competitive prices. I'm surprised that I've never heard of them up till now!

Closer Look

The package of the the monstrous mouse.

It comes in a tabbed plastic and cardboard package, and as you can see, it looks pretty cool!

Popping everything out of the box reveals a short instruction guide (which you probably won't need) and the device itself. It comes with a fairly short cord at about two and a half feet long. This is a good length for most laptops, so it will not get in your way and you can always extend it if you need to.

The combination in all its glory. The keypad itself uses the slim style laptop keys, but it is indeed a full size keypad and more! The few useful extras include a backspace key and a triple zero key. You have the left and right mouse buttons at the top, along with the scroll wheel. On the left side is the mode button, which allows you to use it as a keypad only, mouse only, and of course, both. It is a laser mouse, 400 DPI in fact. Not the greatest, but good.

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