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Scanner Sombre Review



I started this review by saying that Scanner Sombre is the kind of game I would need to see a review of. I still believe that, and I hope what I have written provides the information others may be looking for. It is a game of exploration that has a twist to the mechanic I cannot remember experiencing before. That is something I both appreciate and enjoy. Because of how atypical the game is, it is almost odd to think about recommending it, but I do recommend it. It is an interesting and I feel enjoyable game of exploration. It does help that the retail price is only $11.99, especially with how short it is, but if you already enjoy games like Dear Esther, I think this too is a game you can enjoy. (And, for the record, I do like Dear Esther.)

The graphics and style look good and the gameplay is interesting in its mechanics and execution. The story has some dark elements to it, and while I do not want to spoil anything, I will say that I was able to correctly guess some of it. Nothing wrong with that though, at least not for me, especially as I am kind of use to guessing stories. The exploration is the key, and that is satisfying.





  1. Scanner Sombre - Introduction
  2. Scanner Sombre - Graphics
  3. Scanner Sombre - Gameplay
  4. Scanner Sombre - Additional Gameplay Media
  5. Scanner Sombre - Conclusion
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