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Scanner Sombre Review

Price: $11.99


I want to be honest upfront that one of the reasons I wanted to review Scanner Sombre is because if I were just a normal gamer, I would want to see a review of it. It just looked different enough to make we wonder what it was, and that was compounded by its coming from Introversion Software, of Prison Architect and other titles. None of the company's other games, that I am aware of, quite match this style for art, gameplay, or story. Basically I was intrigued by this developer deciding to try something so new and different for itself.

Scanner Sombre is a somewhat short game, and I wish to avoid spoiling some of the story aspects, so this review is going to be shorter than my usual and I will just skip having a story section. I do wish to say that Introversion identified games Gone Home, Dear Esther, and Proteus as inspiration for Scanner Sombre, and I personally recognize the Dear Esther inspiration. Both have a surreal style to them for story and presentation, and I feel it works for both.

There is no ESRB rating for the game and I personally do not think there is any content that children cannot be exposed to, so the media in this review should be fine. Some of the game's story elements can be dark though, which may be something to consider if you are going to let a child play it.

Time to get to the review!



  1. Scanner Sombre - Introduction
  2. Scanner Sombre - Graphics
  3. Scanner Sombre - Gameplay
  4. Scanner Sombre - Additional Gameplay Media
  5. Scanner Sombre - Conclusion
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