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Saitek Gamers Blue Lit Keyboard Review

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Price: $40

Nik's Thoughts
The Saitek Eclipse keyboard has been a surprisingly good buy. After initially favoring the keyboard due to the "blue glow" coming from it's illuminated keys, I have found it to be equally as suitable for hardcore gaming as I have for my work which involves countless hours at the computer. With a shelf full of keyboards that have failed to keep up with my heavy (and sometimes temperamental) usage I am pleased to find the keyboard originally bought as a novelty is now one of the components I cannot live without. Although I purchased it with gaming in mind I had to have something that didn't look absurd when daytime rolled around and work was back to being a priority. At first I looked at the Z-Board but couldn't imagine one of my clients taking me seriously if they saw the overly colorful input device sitting in front of my monitor. That said, having a keyboard that garners some attention would still be nice. When shopping around I found the gaudy Z-Board looked like a flattened cereal box while the slicker Eclipse looks more like someone ripped it straight out of Cypher's hands in the first Matrix.

Brad's Thoughts
The Saitek Eclipse keyboard is quite visually appealing, with or without the glow of the blue backlighting. The black body with 104 silver keys appears subtle, yet classy. This is a bare-bones keyboard in terms of extras, with only four extra buttons on it: three for volume control, and one that controls the backlighting. There are three settings to the light, which are bright, dim, or off. Not only are the keys backlit, but the character on each key glows blue as well.


  • Three lighting levels: High / Low / Off
  • Volume control / Mute
  • Adjustable keyboard angle
  • Adjustable wrist rest
  • Black finish and silver keys with laser-cut lettering.

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  2. Closer Look & Conclusion
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