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Sapphire VID-2X Review



Who is this product aimed at then? As far as home use goes, It is really for people who are strictly users of the machines and have no desire to interact with the inside of the PC or multi-monitor GUI setup software. It can also appeal to mobile gamers to a degree. However, a two screen setup with the bezel in the middle can be very limiting and distracting for gaming, and I believe this application is listed as an ‘also ran’ to be blunt about things. With many in the industry projecting a sharp decline of desktop PC sales over the next few years, an external portable solution for laptop and netbook users on the go may find it a product that will handily fit into their carrying case and very useful for sales presentations, or to just make their tasks easier with increased screen estate. The idea of  reduced toggling between multiple open programs and applications is also very appealing as well. As an avid user of a multiscreen desktop setup, I can attest to how much more easy and enjoyable the access is in day to day computing, project management, and content creation software settings.This product would also seem to hit its stride in board rooms and businesses. The cloning mode would be very useful in large presentation settings when monitors facing in different directions for viewing coverage are needed, such as in classrooms and seminars. The pivot feature that affords best viewing for documents and spreadsheets that are best viewed in portrait or landscape mode also point to its usefulness in a ‘board room/classroom’ setting. The cloning mode for opposite facing monitors can also be useful in a setting where a business might be using monitor for a signage or kiosk-type applications.

The Sapphire VID-2X seems to be a well-functioning product for those wanting a completely plug-n-play external solution for expanding productivity via having more screen space to work with. As I mentioned earlier in the review, price-wise It seems to be aimed more towards professionals and the corporate board room than home use. It does its job well with a very negligible footprint on system resources, an ultra low power requirement, and great ease of use.


  • Completely external solution
  • Truly plug and play
  • Ease of use
  • Bezel compensation
  • USB or mains power
  • Complete accessory kit



  • Price for home use
  • The included DVI cable could be about 6" longer
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