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Sapphire VID-2X Review


Closer Look:

The VID-2X unit itself is straightforward. A single Dual-link DVI connection cable (included) is plugged into your graphics card and then into a DVI connection on one side of the PSEDV12185 unit along with the mini USB power connection. A pair of DVI connections from your monitors are then connected to the Dual-Link connections on the opposite side of the VID-2X unit.

















The front of the DV2185 unit has 8 two-way switches on the face of the unit. My initial thought was that "well here is the rub", and where it gets not so simple to set up. This is not the case however. Switches 1&2 are used to set the mode of the screens; switch 1 is set for either Stretch or Clone mode, while switch 2 controls the monitor blanking time. The remaining six switches are used to set the bezel correction feature of the DV2185. Simply consult the bezel adjustment chart on page 6 of the manual and choose pixel removal from 0-186/ (372) pixels in total. Simply choose the bezel correction that leaves nothing hiding behind your bezels, move the corresponding combination of switches 3-6, and you are done.


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