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Sapphire Pure Platinum Z77K Review



It's easy to get jaded and knock a product for miniscule problems that ,while minor, is enough to taint the entire look at the product. With that being said I was pleasantly surprised with what Sapphire has to offer in the Pure Platinum Z77K. The move to a UEFI BIOS is a welcome addition to the feature set. While not nearly as granular as some board's offerings, it is deep enough to get a good solid overclock out of with enough options to get there. The mouse cursor is a bit imprecise but this problem is not exclusive to Sapphire and the QBIOS implementation. This could have been my mouse as an earlier board I looked at took a tweak to the BIOS from the company to fix. Each section is laid out well and is clearly marked. Add in the TriXX overclocking utility that proved to be quite functional by allowing bclock, voltage and multiplier adjustments from within the OS.

Sapphire has added a Killer Networks e2200 network adapter that works with a software utility to manage the network configuration to make sure that you are able to pull off that next head shot. Features can make or break a motherboard. The Killer NIC, Quadfire support, four DIMM slots that support up to 32GB of DDR3 memory, support for Intel Third generation Core series processors, Smart Response and Rapid Start technology, Voltage measure points, Dual BIOS and switchable graphics with Lucidlogix Virtu software makes the Pure Platinum Z77K a premium player. Pricing comes in at a respectable $149.99 for these capabilities.

When it came to overclocking and performance the Sapphire Pure Platinum delivered a higher bclock than the other comparison boards with the overall clock speed maximum coming in just under the maximum stable clock speed for my Core i7 3770K. It did this without any real challenges. Adjust the voltage to what the hardware needs, bump the clock speeds and go. It's that simple and the Sapphire BIOS does not have a lot of options to lead you astray. Performance wise all of the Z77 boards are going to deliver performance within a specific envelope when the same hardware is used and with this board this holds true.

Sapphire is known more for its line of AMD based video cards than for high end motherboards but have steadily been moving into the limelight with a series of motherboards that are feature rich and offer a good deal of functionality all for a reasonable price point. The Sapphire Pure Platinum Z77K delivers on all counts.



  • Overclocking
  • Feature set
  • Dual BIOS
  • Switchable Graphics



  • Mouse action in the BIOS


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