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Sapphire HD6790 Review



What is there to say about the Sapphire HD6790 other than it does seem to be a pretty good replacement for the HD5770 graphics card? Not only does it come in at a pretty decent price point of $149, there is quite a nice list of features that the Sapphire HD6790 comes with. Features such as having support for AMD's EyeFinity allowing you to connect multiple monitors up to your system and game with the usage of only one single card. The temperatures that the HD6790 were giving out were pretty impressive as well as they never went above 70°C during any of the testing that was performed on it. When it comes to how much power the card was drawing from the wall, it never broke 300W which is also pretty impressive, giving you the options to use this card in an everyday computer that does not need to have high-end graphics power such as an HTPC or a media PC that your entire family is going to be using.

Sapphire did give you quite a few different ways to connect a display to the HD6790; you have two DVI; an analog; an HDMI; as well as a DisplayPort 1.2 connector all on the rear I/O panel of the card. This is going to give you the ability to easily plug in any display device that you may have laying around in your house easily and right out of the box without having to dig around for a dongle, but there is an analog to DVI dongle provided for you in the package if you do need one. When it comes down to the performance of the Sapphire HD6790, it was unable to beat out any of the cards it was stacked up against, however it was not designed to be the top of the line graphics card on the market. This is the card that is supposed to be replacing the HD5770 which it should easily be able to do. The Sapphire HD6790 was able to give playable frame rates at just about every single benchmark it was throw up against at just about every resolution tested. The card was also able to overclock quite well, getting a boost of 19% on the GPU Core and 17% on the Memory.

If you are looking to upgrade your current system from a card that does not have DirectX 11 support, or maybe you are looking to dabble into the AMD EyeFinity, you may just want to check out this card as it can do it all, and it can do it all with a pretty price tag on it.




  • AMD EyeFinity
  • Temperatures
  • Power Consumption
  • Connectivity
  • Overclocking
  • Mid-range Card
  • Price



  • More Powerful cards available for not much more money
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