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Sansa C250 MP3 Player Review

Price: $100


The weather is starting to look like Spring, the skies are blue, air is crisp and the snow is gone. Alas, it is time to hop on your Crotch Rocket and actually get some physical activity for a change after being inside all winter. You decide to go for a ride and grab your trusty old Walkman and head for the open road. You manage to sweat, swerve, and speed your way up the mountain road and now it's time for a little downhill. The first corner you take sharp and you are pleased with the style and finesse with which you execute the maneuver. At this moment, you realize that the brick sized audio device by your side completed the corner faster than you did, and it flew directly into a tree. This can be looked at in both a good and a bad way. The bad thing would be losing your music while riding, the good being that you don't look like an idiot wearing something that should be on display in a museum. If you are the type of person that does that sort of thing, you might as well have an old brick cell phone on your hip as well, just so it matches age wise. Getting back to the music, if you had something smaller like a Sandisk Sansa c250 MP3 player, this might not have been a problem.

The Sandisk Sansa c250 MP3 player is one of many MP3 players currently on the market. There is not much to most MP3 players, most designs are sticking to the "keep it as simple as possible" theory. What are some bonuses you get from this MP3 player as opposed to any run-of-the-mill MP3 player? Let's find out.



Closer Look:

The packaging for the Sansa c250 MP3 player is a nice change from the average iPod white box. The Sansa c250 MP3 player comes in a bubble pack with some funky graffiti of strange music loving dogs, or something to that effect. The finer points of the packaging are that all of the specs are listed at the back, and you can actually see what you are purchasing and not just a picture of it.











The Sansa c250 MP3 player comes complete with headphones, USB cable, carrying strap, software, and neck strap. As a bonus, you also get the creepy music loving graffiti dog stickers pack.


The Sansa c250 MP3 player has simple, easy to use controls and also features a record button. What does the future hold for this button? We shall see. The record button and the mic are two things the standard iPod does not offer, along with a micro SD expansion slot.




When opening up the Sansa c250 MP3 player, you will find the proprietary battery found in most MP3 players these days, no more double AAs in these tiny units. When booting up the device again, you see the graffiti dog and the control and menu buttons light up blue. 



Let's look a little more into this product in the next section.


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