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SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB SSD Review

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SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB SSD Conclusion:

So there you have it (assuming you read the review and didn't skip right here after reading the intro). SanDisk has managed to improve upon the already impressive Extreme II drive with this new iteration. While it did tend to sit near the middle of the pack in synthetic tests, the Extreme PRO blew past the pack in the real-world testing. At a suggested retail price of around $.75 per GB, the performance is near top-tier without the usual associated cost. And with performance that is better than the more expensive drives (including the Extreme II), it's hard to come up with a reason you shouldn't buy this drive.

One could argue that any SSD will seem like a big step up in performance over a HDD, and I cannot disagree with that fact. There are, however, a few more features that bring the Extreme PRO upwards in the rankings, despite its semi-premium price compared to bottom-barrel value SSDs. First, and probably most importantly, the entire Extreme PRO line is offered up with a 10-year warranty. That in and of itself is enough to make it stand out among the rest of the SSD market. Coupled with the nCache technology for extremely consistent and fast speeds regardless of workload, and you've got a winning combination.

So with that said, what is the verdict? Is this drive the one you should put in your ultimate gaming rig? Yes. Is this drive the one you should recommend to your less-technically inclined family members? Yes. Is this drive all you want in a fast drive without the cost usually associated high-end drives? Yes!



  • Incredibly consistent and fast speeds
  • nCache technology
  • 10-year warranty!
  • 10-year warranty! (Yes, it's that awesome)
  • Priced lower than the competition



  • Slightly slower in synthetic tests
  • Slightly higher cost than "value" SSDs


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