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Samsung Yepp 55i MP3 Player Review

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Today we'll be looking at something which is quickly becoming a status symbol in today's world, and almost part of modern fashion. But we know better then that, ha! Today we've got our hands on the Samsung Yepp 55i, a 192M solid state MP3 player with a slew of fairly impressive features. So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at our newest toy.

  • Multi-format Support (MP3,WMA) with upgradeable Firmware
  • 192MB Built-in Flash Memory
  • FM Tuner
  • Blue Color Backlight LCD Display
  • ID3 Tag Display (title,file name)
  • FM encoding
  • Voice Recording
  • USB 1.1 Support (direct plug to PC)
  • Over 15 hrs. of Playback (AAA x 1)

Closer Look
So, first thing is that the MP3 player came to me in retail packaging. I personally love it when companies do that for us because it gives me a lot better idea of how solid the unit is and how safe its going to be on its journey to you. Nothing sucks more then getting a busted product. Anyways, the YP-55i came in retail packaging, which was clamshell sealed plastic with the Yepp suspended on top and the accessories tucked neatly away in the bottom. The packaging was solid, and I even kicked it about a couple times to test it.

So, of course the only problem with sealed plastic is you have to destroy it to get to the insides, like some sort of inedible Kinder Egg of electronics. Of course, the prize inside is worth the effort. Once we get it all apart, we find:

  • The YP-55i
  • Jogging style earbuds
  • One AAA battery
  • One neck strap
  • One carrying case
  • Quick-connect USB attachment
  • USB cable
  • Instuction manual and installation CD
  • Line cable

I should mention here that the instruction manual for this thing is incredibly detailed! I love it. Answered a load of my questions. However, the included software is both a) not needed if you have Windows XP (or basically anything past Win98) and b) pretty darn useless. I was trying to figure out if it was used to integrate and arrange your music on the Yepp, but no deal, its just a less then good piece of software whose funtionality is pretty much already available on the computer without it. So, I won't get into it, its pretty much a waste of time.

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